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Yoga Is A Way Of Life

The practice opens up the possibility of connecting to what we already have and to who we already are.

In truth, the practice of yoga is not just about changing the brain, body, headstands, or even about gaining greater happiness and joy. If it were, it’d be just like taking a spinning class or doing a set of lunges at the gym. Yoga aims toward transcendence of all those things to bring balance and inner tranquility.

Yoga Teachers

Healing with peace, love, and light.

Banyan Yoga Tree is a community where people connect along their journey of wellness, strength and personal growth. We inspire with loving-kindness so you can feel safe, supported, and rise to transform into your true authentic self!

We offer traditional yoga that is compatible with modern life. Our classes allow students to take tangible steps towards their inner growth at a pace that is comfortable for them. The benefits of yoga provide both instant gratification and lasting transformation while encouraging overall health and wellbeing.

Meet Our Teachers

The Banyan Tree Yoga Team’s collective experience is diverse and ever-expanding.

Brandy Hill
Brandy HillE-RYT500 • YACEP • Reiki Master Teacher
Brandy obtained her 200-hour training at Frog Pond Yoga Centre in Princeton, MA, where she studied under Shanti Diane Featherstone and was inducted into Dr. V.S. Rao’s lineage. She later completed her 300-hour training in 2015 and is the Director of the Yoga Teacher Training Program at BTY. Brandy is a Reiki Master Teacher and often incorporates Reiki energy to enhance her students’ yoga experiences. She is passionate about prenatal yoga and adores the natural heat and openings found in Vinyasa classes, but also enjoys slowing things down and teaching Slow Flow or Hatha. Brandy was voted Best Yoga Instructor Nashua in the Hippo’s Best of 2013 and 2014 Readers Polls!
Valerie M. Leyton
Valerie M. LeytonRYT200 • YIN • HATHA • VINYASA
Valerie is a licensed clinical mental health counselor and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training program in August of 2014. Prior to her completion, she had already begun to teach Yin yoga locally. While she enjoys teaching Hatha and Vinyasa to keep things fresh, her passion has become Yin and the need for people to understand why deep stretch is so important (whether you practice yoga or not) and how to make your body work smarter so that you lessen the chance of becoming injured. Val is quick to remind her students that it is their practice and their body and the importance of listening to it.
Michelle Lanigan
Michelle LaniganRYT200 • Yin Yoga • Childlight Yoga
Michelle graduated from the Yoga Loft teacher training program in Wilmington, MA. What began as a journey to just “study yoga” soon turned into a passion for teaching and spreading the word about the physical and mental benefits of yoga and meditation. Inspired by the creativity of her teachers Jen Ryan and Nicole Grant, Michelle began offering free lunchtime yoga and meditation classes twice a week at her office and soon after began teaching at studios. Michelle is certified to teach Yin Yoga through Josh Summers and is also a certified ChildLight Yoga Instructor.
Sue Camirand
Sue CamirandRYT200 • Reiki Master
Sue graduated from the Yoga NH Teacher Training in August 2015 and from Josh Summers YIN training in April of 2016. Sue is a Reiki Master and is also continually developing her knowledge of crystals, essential oils, medicinal herbs, meditation and other topics she sees as complimentary to yoga. Sue’s blended style ranges from gentle Hatha to a more vigorous Vinyasa Flow. She focuses on the basics of breath and alignment while keeping things fresh, often incorporating something just a bit different, never teaching the same exact class twice! Having started her journey a bit later in life, Sue is sensitive to the diverse needs of all levels of students and offers modifications and challenging poses as necessary while never forgetting the importance of rest during a practice.
Kellie Bernardini
Kellie BernardiniRYT200 • Reiki Level II
Kellie has been practicing Yoga for over 15 years and was called to pursue her RYT200 at Banyan Tree Yoga after witnessing the multitude of benefits of a regular practice. She commited to her passion for Yoga after moving to NH from Brooklyn, NY, were she was working as a Mental Health Counselor and Trauma Specialist at a large University. Kellie incorporates mindfulness and anxiety reduction techniques into her classes. Whether you are a brand new Yogi, or deep into your practice it is her goal to make sure you leave her class feeling capable, renewed and grounded. Kellie is also Reiki II attuned.
Jay Hansen
Jay HansenRYT200 • Reiki Level I
Jeremy (Jay) Hansen, RYT200, REIKI practitioner & Martial Artist, began practicing yoga in 2015 and recently graduated the Yoga NH Teacher Training Program at Banyan Tree Yoga. Jay loves helping to guide others to find a little more peace in their day. He finds that (with the right combinations of movements, your state of mind and the proper breath) Vinyasa can be both vigorous and relaxing! Jay brings at least one unconventional pose to every class!
During his free time, Jay likes to hit the gym, attend a spinning class or search YouTube for inspirational yoga sequences.
Hilary Ferraro
Hilary FerraroRYT200 • Reiki Master
Hilary had the fortune to travel to India for work and and felt inspired by its culture, history, and mythology when visiting many temples and historical sites. She discovered Banyan Tree Yoga during her work sabbatical and fondly remembers practicing her first class blindfolded! Since then, she has been attuned to Reiki Master, completed Restorative Yoga/Yoga Nidra training with Yoga NH, and in May 2018 graduated from the Yoga NH Teacher Training Program at Banyan Tree Yoga. Within each class, she weaves the foundations of yoga, Patanjali’s 8 limbed path, through intention, meditation, movement, and breathwork, accompanied by a thoughtful playlist. She has a soft spot for beginners and reminds her students that the goal of yoga is not to touch your toes; it is what you learn on the way down that counts. Her additional areas of interest include hindu mythology, the chakra system, mantra, and essential oils.
Angela Poulin
Angela PoulinRYT200 • Reiki Level I
Angela has been practicing yoga on and off since college, but mostly used it to complement her endurance athlete lifestyle or during pregnancy. She became more serious about her yoga practice after having twins in 2016. She truly fell in love with not only the physical improvements she could see happening as she healed her body, but also the mental & spiritual calm it gave her as a mother of four and full time banking professional. Angela graduated from the Yoga NH Teacher Training Program at Banyan Tree Yoga in May 2019. She teaches a traditional vinyasa flow style for all levels with a focus on building strength, and awareness of the mind/body connection.
Renee' Welcome
Renee' WelcomeBarre Teacher
Renée Welcome has been dancing since she was able to walk, and knew her entire life it was what she wanted to pursue as a career. Renée studied dance at Northern Essex Community College and has taught classes at various studios in the area over the last twelve years, but her love of ballet has always been the most prevalent.
In 2014, Renée attended a training session for BalancePoint Barre. Since then, Renée has spent much of her days creating her own barre program which has won her three Reader’s Choice Awards with Wicked Local out of Westford, MA for Best Fitness Studio and Best Weight Loss Center. Renée believes it is important to keep the ballet in barre by using ballet terminology and movements to push the body and retain the original intent of barre— to condition the body the way a dancer would.
When Renée is not teaching, she enjoys working on hand-lettering and calligraphy as well as playing video games.
Marja-Liisa Kupiainen
Marja-Liisa KupiainenDPT
Marja-Liisa was born in Finland and received her Certificate of Physiotherapy in 1988. Since moving to the US in 1991, she has gained experience in various health care and private practice clinics; primarily treating orthopedic, musculoskeletal injuries/conditions. In 2011 Marja-Liisa earned her DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) degree from Franklin Pierce University. During her 30+ year career she has become familiar with treating a multitude of musculoskeletal impairments caused by injury or gradual degeneration, muscle weakness and alter joint movement patterns.
In recent years, Marja-Liisa discovered yoga and Feldenkrais techniques and experienced significant improvement in her own mind-body connection.
Marja-Liisa is thrilled to bring her understanding of anatomy and body movement as well as her extensive experience as a healthcare professional to Banyan Tree Yoga! Contact her for an initial consultation or full treatment:

“Just love the energy and aura of the studio and the instructors. Kudos to you Brandy! I look forward to having Banyan Tree Yoga as a joyful part of my life.”

Andrea S. • Testimonial

“Wonderful studio – so welcoming and warm. Brandy is an instructor who cares deeply for her yoga students.”

Marsha C. • Testimonial
“My limbs are elongating, I can see definition in my muscles once again, I managed to achieve reverse prayer, and chaturanga is feeling easier each time I do it. Thank you, Brandy!”
Anna K. • Testimonial
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