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At Banyan Tree Yoga, we offer yoga classes that are welcome to all generations and levels. The practice of yoga invites you to find stillness in a world consumed with chaos. Peace and tranquility is discovered through focused guidance that includes varying degrees of altering energy flows, meditation, connecting with the breath, movement and stillness. Yoga can transform your physical and mental capacity quickly, while preparing the mind, body and soul for life-long benefits.


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Common Questions

Browse these quick etiquette tips and answers to our frequently asked questions.

Most of our classes are suitable for beginners and all levels, however, we recommend you take a few other classes or schedule a private session to learn the basics before starting Vinyasa – where we move quickly and introduce more challenging postures. Hatha, Slow Flow, Yoga Nidra, Gentle or any of our Yin or combination classes are all great places to start. Please review our class descriptions so you have a general idea of what to expect.

You are not in competition with anyone else in the class or even yourself. Do what feels right at the moment and work towards your own comfortable edge. Yoga is all about being in the present. If it hurts or doesn’t feel right, please don’t do it. A challenge is good, pain is not! If an asana (posture) is painful for you, please come to a resting pose and discuss with your teacher after class. Pose variations and props are suggested as needed.

Yes, classes are open to both men and women. While women are still are biggest population, we’ve seen an increase in male attendance over the years and some of our classes are a very good mix of both men and women!

Yes, please pre-register in advance for all classes, trainings, workshops and special events. Due to reduced class size capacity, classes will quickly fill to capacity. Pre-registration is also used to help determine cancellations in the event of low enrollment.

During inclement weather we do reserve the right to cancel any regular class if minimum registration is not met at least 90 minutes in advance. Many of our teachers commute to the studio and we want to be thoughtful of their time and commitment to their families.

We may offer virtual classes in some cases of inclement weather.

Please wear comfortable clothing that is not too loose nor too tight. You want to be able to move freely without restriction. Yoga is performed in your bare feet to keep you from slipping during the postures and it puts you in closer contact with the earth’s energy. Please remove your shoes before entering the main studio.

Many people are sensitive to fragrances so please keep this in mind before coming to the studio. It’s always best to refrain from wearing perfumes or colognes. We frequently use therapeutic-grade essential oils and/or non-synthetic incense during classes. Please let us know if you have sensitivities and when appropriate, we will do our best to refrain from using incense or essential oils if you are attending class in-person at the studio.

Please turn off or silent all cell phones before entering the main studio. They can be heard ringing even when they are in the welcome area. Please no talking during class. While we want you to have fun and we may inject humor at times, side conversations are distracting to teachers and other students. Please extend everyone the same courtesy and respect as you would wish for yourself.

Our classes are comfortably warm. The temperature in the studio varies depending on individual teacher preference, but is usually in the low to mid 70′s. We believe in creating internal heat from within.

The studio is open 15 minutes prior to the start of each class. Although we may be there earlier, we use that time to open up the studio, prepare ourselves for class or transition between classes. Please use the time prior to class to get settled. Every effort will be made to begin and end the class in a timely manner. The door is locked at the start of each class for the safety and security of everyone and their belongings.

Pranayama (conscious breathing) is an integral part of the practice. Breathing is done through your nose and if for any reason this is difficult for you, breathe as you would normally.
It is advisable not to eat two hours before class. A light and healthy snack is usually fine. Please no gum or food in the studio area. Water is fine.

Please keep all items with you or utilize the cubbies in the welcome area. The studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please do your best to bring everything out that you came in with and check the Lost & Found bin by the front desk for missing items. We donate items left behind every two months. Please do not leave any valuables next to or on your mat, such as eyeglasses, that could be damaged as we walk around the room. Glasses may be placed on top of a block.

During savasana (final relaxation), your body will begin to cool down rapidly. You may want to have a blanket nearby to make you more comfortable. The body and mind will relax more deeply when they are warm.

Please BYOP (Bring Your Own Props). Due to the safety of all members and teachers, props are no longer available for rent or borrow, but they are encouraged and an important tool in deepening your practice. A yoga mat is mandatory; additional props are optional. Optional props are blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters, pillows and/or eye pillows.

We are happy to purchase props for you on pre-order. Please email the studio the items you would like for us to have available to you for pickup at the studio.

All Banyan Tree Yoga teachers are Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, an internationally recognized organization of Yoga professionals serving the Yoga community. As Yoga Alliance members, Banyan Tree Yoga follows the Yoga Alliance policies and standards for teaching the 8 limbs of Yoga, the ethics and guiding principles of Yoga beyond just the physical practice. Banyan Tree Yoga also follows the Yoga Alliance policies and standards of zero tolerance for sexual misconduct, or misconduct of any kind, and expects the same of its teachers, students and workshop registrants.


Healthy Living

Embrace the art of thoughtful moves, cultivating patience, and savoring the moment.

Be Present

Focus on making time for stillness and relaxation.

Welcoming stillness involves consciously slowing down the body and mind sufficiently in order to focus on being versus doing. It is healthy to realize that nothing needs to happen for the present moment to feel complete. Embracing this understanding brings with it a level of self-acceptance and that inoculates us with calm, compassion and centering.

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“Just love the energy and aura of the studio and the instructors. Kudos to you Brandy! I look forward to having Banyan Tree Yoga as a joyful part of my life.”

Andrea S. • Testimonial
“I liked it so much. She injected humor which was quite nice for a Friday class. She did tend to hold poses a little longer, which was tough, but I appreciated the difference. She was also quite good with my friend’s 8-year-old.”
David C. • Testimonial
“I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful yoga sessions! They are what I really need during this pregnancy and I always look forward to the next session.”
Ediola S. • Testimonial
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