Swan Kirtan

Kirtan, a call-and-response chanting genre, is one of the oldest sacred music traditions from India. Through ancient Sanskrit mantras, Kirtan goes beyod the music itself, it unites all levels of consciousness and produces an energy that quiets the mind and takes one to a deeper experience of the Self. In the silence between the songs, one can feel the depth of the silence that lies within. Kirtan calms the mind and relaxes our body.

Swan Kirtan is a devotional chanting group of musicians from Maine. We play a fusion of Eastern and Western music. We offer chants from multiple faiths. Our kirtan is in traditional Indian raaga style. Cost: $15 early bird by June 1, $20 after June 1.

Namory Keita on djembe
Ashok Nalamalapu on harmonium and vocals
Robin Jellis on cello

“Sweet chants and sweeter feelings.” – Jai Uttal

“Thank you for your beautiful 2-CD set which I am enjoying so much. It is beautiful to chant to, and I love the India-style production. I can’t tell you what a difference your correct pronunciation makes to me. It’s wonderful. And the beautiful instrumentation is to be much admired. The CD makes me feel like I am back in India. ” – Wah

“Ashok, thank you for serving as our emcee. Your love and devotion was felt by all. Your presence in the Kula was a great comfort to me personally. ” —- Dana Kaplan, LoveLight Festival

“You are the one person in the States that present genuine Indian kirtan.” – Gary Goldberg.

Sample chants:




FMI: www.swankirtan.com

Ashok Nalamalapu was born in India and has been a devotee since his childhood. He has been leading multi-faith chants and playing harmonium since 2011, singing in the traditional Indian Raga style. Ashok has been studying with Indian classical musicians including Kala Ratna D.V. Mohana Krishna and Grammy Nominee, Jai Uttal. He has led kirtan at many festivals across the country including Bhakti Fest, CA. Ashok has also led kirtan at colleges, temples in India and the US, and yoga centers including Kripalu, Ananda Ashram and in Spain. In addition, he has served as a Master of Ceremonies, inspiring the audiences at all the major US kirtan festivals. He is a lead vocal singer at Swan Kirtan band. His debut album, “We are all One” is available on cdbaby.com. You can reach him at ashok@SadhanaMe.com

Namory Keita will play percussion with Swan Kirtan on this Saturday. International teacher and performing artist, Namory has travelled to many places to share his culture including Germany, Poland, France, Canada, and Portugal. He has been drumming from age 7 in Guinea, West Africa.

Robin Jellis has been playing cello for more than 30 years. She has been singing from childhood. She has a degree in music form the USM and teaching certificates from Harford College and Ithaka College. She teaches cello. Robin has a beautiful range of voice. Robin will lead chorus.

Other Musicians shall be announced as we move closer to the date.

Children are welcome. No prior experience is needed. No one is turned away for lack of funds. Please contact ashok@SadhanaMe.com for doing some seva at the event or posting flyers.

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