Essential Oils Workshop on Wednesday, May 30, 6PM

Join us for our Essential Oils and Chemical-Free Living 101 Workshop. What is an essential oil? What is Young Living? How can essential oils benefit me and my family? The answers to these and many other questions will be covered in this meeting! It’s a fun, interactive and educational look into the history, products, and benefits of the World Leader in Essential Oils®. Learn about creating a powerful wellness toolkit for you, your family, pets and your home. You will learn about the history of essential oils, Young Living’s unique Seed to Seal process for creating essential oils, their commitment to quality and stewardship of the earth and understand how essential oils can be vital tools for supporting optimum health.

In addition, learn about adding in super nutrition with oil-infused supplements and ridding your life of health-compromising synthetic chemicals. All this will help to support you to live a greener and cleaner lifestyle. Join other health-minded individuals as we explore how Young Living can enhance your health and life. This class is open to non-members interested in learning more about Young Living essential oils or existing members in the Inspired Oilers family. Secure your spot today for only $10! Pre-registration required.

Join us to learn how oils can:

  • Support healthy stress responses
  • Support respiratory health
  • Support healthy immunity
  • Promote restful sleep
  • Relax and calm
  • Green cleaning
  • Support and uplift healthy moods
  • Energize the body
  • Promote healthy focus and concentration
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