Summer Solstice Didgeridoo Meditation

Saturday, June 20, 1-2:30PM.

Celebrate the start of Summer with a LIVE STREAMING Didgeridoo Meditation!

Set your intention to actively manifest your Summer Season.
Take time for yourself to set clear intentions in a powerful group meditation.

The Summer Solstice initiates a 3-month season of personal growth, inspiration, and illumination. The longest day of the year, can amplify our dreams and connects us to the joy of the simple essence of life. As you set intentions for the solstice, remember that the summer is a season for personal inspiration and rejuvenation.

The importance of this time lies in your ability to reconnect with your own essence, your joy, your vitality and your inspiration. It is through intention that we bring awareness to areas of our bodies and of lives.

Joseph will play multiple didgeridoos and singing bowls that support journeying, meditation, visioning and intention manifestation.

Preregistration Is required:
$30 early bird by June 13th
$35 after June 13th

Please Pre-register here:

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