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“I can’t tell you how much better I feel already. The stiffness and cranky joints are going away, I just feel great.”


L. Johnson

“After 43 years of nursing it was time for my 2nd act in life. I always had a passion for yoga and have tried many yoga studios in NH and MA but once I found Banyan Tree I found my “home”. The studio and staff are so warm and knowledgeable you feel like an old friend. After a year of practicing yoga at BTY I decided teaching yoga was going to be my next act in life. Once the decision was made I had a commitment financially and mentally, but one I was willing to take. Now that I’ve graduated, I miss those weekends and how much I have learned from Brandy regarding yoga. She has dedicated a great deal of her life to the knowledge and practice of yoga. If you’re curious about yoga or becoming an instructor give Brandy a call you will not be sorry! I know I’m not, as I now teach chair yoga to the elderly and those with limited mobility. I LOVE IT!! “


Roberta M. (YTT Graduate)

“I didn’t start the training program with teaching in mind.  I’ve always enjoyed my yoga practice and also enjoyed learning.  This was a great opportunity to put both things together.  I entered the program not knowing what to expect and just went with the flow.  I had no idea that YOGA encompassed so many things which were already a significant part of my life.  The training has provided me with a deeper understanding of myself, my strengths and weaknesses, my areas of improvement.  I left the program with a new confidence, new tools and a sense of calm.  I made lifetime friendships and learned to be kinder to myself and others.  I would recommend Yoga NH Teacher Training at Banyan Tree Yoga to anyone either wishing to become a teacher or those just exploring what Yoga has to offer.” – S.C. (2015 YTT Graduate)

S.C. (YTT Graduate)

“I had the pleasure of going through the Yoga NH Teacher Training Program hosted by Banyan Tree Yoga in the fall of 2015-Spring of 2016. My goal of taking this training was, to gain knowledge so I could expand my personal practice. A month into my 8 month program, I realized that yoga was not just about the asana practice, its beyond that. I can’t say enough about the training lead by Brandy Hill. Her guidance, expertise, and patience made me feel like no matter what I needed during the training, I had her support. I began training fearful of teaching in a public setting. By the end, I was leading a class on my own with confidence. This program is full of in depth reading and verbal guidance of the anatomy of the body, the breakdown of the asana poses, and the ethical guidelines of the Yamas & Niyamas (the foundation of yoga). Anyone looking to become a teacher or expand their personal practice, should look into the Yoga NH program at Banyan Tree Yoga. I can’t recommend it enough.”

Stacey G. (YTT Graduate)

“I had never done yoga before my pregnancy.  I was an avid runner and used to speedy track workouts and filling my weekends with long runs and races.  After becoming pregnant, I had high hopes of continuing to run (at a lower intensity level) to stay in shape.  Lo and behold, mother nature had other plans for me.  At about the 6 week mark, my morning sickness kicked in hard, and I found myself unable to do any sort of physical activity other than running to the bathroom.  I was disappointed, but understood this was all part of the process and it would be temporary.
At about 19.5 weeks, my morning sickness (more like all day/night sickness) finally subsided and I felt well enough to start moving again.  My best friend suggested a prental yoga class at this studio.  Although I had always wanted to try yoga (I hear it’s incredibly beneficial for runners in particular), I was kind of nervous to look like a fool in front others who had been practicing much longer than me.  Taking a leap of faith, my friend offered to join me for my first class and that’s where I met Brandy–and became hooked on yoga.  I felt so energized after I left that day and knew I was doing something good for myself and my baby.
I look forward to continuing my yoga practice for the duration of my pregnancy and beyond!  I will return to running, but will absolutely be making time for a yoga class or two while I train.  Thank you, Brandy, for your inspiring (and often times quite funny) stories and infectious personality.  Your class really brings a sense of calmness to my pregnancy and I look forward to many more sessions in the future! As an amateur to the yoga world, I feel like I struck gold finding your studio!”

Emily S.

“I wanted to thank you, all the other instructors and anyone else responsible for the 30 Day Challenge!!   It was indeed a challenge, but exactly what I needed.  The last couple years have been difficult and stressful for a number of reasons–some good and some not so good–but included a long period where I was sick.  I still have a ways to go to sort all that out and regain some of my strength, etc, but this has helped focus and discipline me to know (or to remember) that I can!!

You are all so great and it was a real pleasure.  I look forward to continuing my practice at BTY.”


“That MYP class was fabulous.  I experienced a sense of pure happiness while I was there.  It felt so good to be so present in my body. Thanks for giving me that opportunity.”


Nancy B.

“Hello, I took the pregnancy yoga class for the first time this past Tuesday evening.
I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it. I have taken a 10 week long yoga class through one of the local hospitals, and it didn’t compare to the one offered at your studio.
I thought it was great to take a little time at the beginning of class to go around and talk to the other moms and address any issues that we were having. All of the information offered by the other women and the instructor Brandy was very nice.
Before I came to the class my back was bothering me – I had even resorted to sitting in my car to have the heated seats give me any relief possible as it seemed to be the only thing that would help. So I came home after class and my husband asked me how my back was feeling… The pain was gone! I still can’t believe it. I know that I have learned many yoga positions to do while pregnant but I’m never any good at doing them alone in my house. I have also tried hypno birthing classes and can just never seem to relax… During this yoga class I was finally able to relax. I’m not sure whether it was the light smell of Aromatherapy oils or the relaxation music, or the loud church next door (that made me really try to stay in my own thoughts and the distraction was nice to help me concentrate harder on staying focused on what I was doing). So this class is just what I needed.  I’m looking forward to telling other mothers to give your studio a chance and hopefully they will enjoy it as much as I did.
So just wanted to say thank you!!”

Amanda G.

“Thank you for holding the 30 Day Challenge at Banyan Tree in January.  I
am long-time multi-sport athlete (30 years) who has focused for so long on
training goals, race results, miles ridden, kilometers skied, watts
generated, calories burned and constantly striving to outdo myself and
other competitors.  It has been incredibly eye-opening to see another more
mindful path as revealed by the practice of yoga, and how better to find
it than during 30 days of intense learning!
Before January 1st, I had taken a few yoga classes over the past 10 years,
but never thought of it as an integral part of my life, nor had I imagined
I could make it one so willingly.  My partner, Sherrill, came
home with the 30 Day cards and a half-serious question if I wanted to join
it.  I agreed with a “let’s give a try” attitude.  Having completed the
challenge, I now want to learn even more about yoga, my practice of it,
and how it can improve other areas of my life.
As I often said to Sherrill over the 30 days, I never left a class
thinking “I wish I hadn’t gone tonight”, even if I had a rough day and
didn’t necessarily want to go in the first place.  Classes always brought
me into the present moment, especially with the encouragement and guidance
of each teacher and the selection of readings that often hit very close to
I have been recommending yoga in general and your studio in particular to
people I speak with.  I look forward to learning more there this year!”

Greg L.

“The 30 Day Challenge for me was an opportunity to reverse my sedentary ways and return to the Hatha Yoga that I love.  But, to meet the challenge, I knew I’d have to try other forms. Now, I’m also enthralled with Yin and Restorative.  As I continue to grow in both flexibility and strength, Vinyasa is bidding fair to join my list of favorites. The best part, though, was just three weeks into the challenge when I reached for jeans and came up with a pair I’d not been able to wear in a year. They slipped right on! That’s when I realized how toned my body was becoming. I am so pleased with the supportive staff and variety of classes that I’ve already purchased a pass for next month. Thank you Banyan Tree Yoga for the opportunity to explore yoga’s many forms, your support, and helping me to transform my life for the better.”

Gigi S.

“I feel as though I had developed a fairly strong yoga practice during 2012…until I had to have surgery in October. That left me unable to participate for over a month, and then when I returned to practice in late November I was a little overzealous and injured my left knee which essentially kept me out of practice for the remainder of 2012. I therefore welcomed the 30 Days, 30 Classes, 1 New You challenge. I knew I could do this. There were ample opportunities to attend classes, and even to skip here and there so as to honor my body’s cries for rest. I’m thankful to have successfully completed the 30 day challenge, and can see some of my strength and agility returning after losing it all. My limbs are elongating, I can see definition in my muscles once again, managed to achieve reverse prayer, and chaturanga is feeling easier each time I do it (which means it’s probably time to take it off my knees and onto my feet!). My endurance still has a way to go as I feel myself fatigued by faster Hatha classes and any Vinyasa class, but it’s the next challenge I’m giving myself to accomplish.”

Kim O.

“My first reaction upon hearing about Banyan Tree’s 30 Days of Yoga
challenge was ‘Are they crazy!?  I can barely make it to one class a
week.’  But on a hunch, I decided to sign up.  Having recently completed
the program, I can say with 100% certainty that not only are they NOT
crazy but, rather, wise and caring and, well, really onto something. I
learned lessons and reaped benefits far too numerous to list — on so many
levels, expected and otherwise —  and I say kudos and many thanks for all
you did to enable this life-changing experience!”

Sherrill S.

“I expected the biggest perk that would come from participating in BTY’s 30 day challenge would be more flexibility, but in addition to that I felt deeply relaxed and peaceful, which has carried over into my daily life.  I’ve never done anything life this in my life, and I really enjoyed the push the challenge provided.  It got me out and on my mat on days I really would have preferred to stay at home (that frigid cold snap mid-January), and afterward, I never regretted the decision to go.  My practice is something I do just for me – for balance, centering, focus – and it never fails to provide just what I need.
I continue to enjoy the things that brought me to BTY in the first place – a schedule that works with mine, a variety of classes and yoga styles, terrific instructors, and a wonderful sense of community with people all along the spectrum of yoga practice. It’s a comfortable, warm and welcoming studio.”

Diane V.

“I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful yoga sessions! They are what I really need during this pregnancy and I always look forward to the next session. I feel great during every single session.”

Ediola S.

“Brandy’s teaching style is very accepting of all levels of practice and fitness. The studio is a welcoming place for moms who are keeping fit while pregnant as well as moms who are looking to get back into an exercise routine after having their babies.
Taking time for yoga during and after pregnancy has helped to keep both my body and spirit calm during a busy time of transition. It has helped me to be more accepting of changes as we welcomed our second son to our family.”

Shannon S.

“Just love the energy and aura of the studio and the instructors. Kudos to you Brandy – I look forward to having Banyan Tree Yoga as a joyful part of my life.”

Andrea S.

”Wonderful studio. So welcoming and warm. Brandy is an instructor who cares deeply for her yoga students.”

Marsha C.

“I liked it so much. She injected humor which was quite nice for a Friday class. She did tend to hold poses a little longer, which was tough, but I appreciated the difference. She was also quite good with my friend’s 8 year old.”

David C.

“I’m so glad I came to the Open House! Everything is wonderful and I can’t wait to do another class with you! Congratulations and Namaste”

Kelli B.

“Congratulations on your new business venture – it’s perfect for you! Thanks for a great class!”

Laura R.