Private Services

Private Yoga Sessions

Beginning a yoga practice can be a bit intimidating at times. Private sessions are an ideal way to familiarize yourself with the mind-body-spirit connection. A private yoga session will introduce you to the fundamentals of the practice, providing you a good foundation to attend group classes and/or tailor to your individual needs.


Reiki Treatments

Reiki is an ancient healing art that promotes the body’s natural ability to heal.  It is a form of hands on loving-kindness to bring your body into balance due to pain, stress and anxiety.  Reiki helps your body adjust both physical and emotionally from difficult situations and is a perfect complement to yoga practice.

Private Reiki, application of Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils or a combination of all available upon request.


Intuitive Readings with Joan Ruffels

Joan Ruffels is certified as an Angel Healing Practitioner. The angelic realm is wise, gentle and loving. Joan receives and relays thoughts, impressions and feelings for you regarding your circumstance. Using angel cards to deepen insights, you and she team together knowing you’re fully supported by Loving Divine Presence that guides the session. Joan provides intuitive integrative wellness sessions during our Sacred St. Lucia retreat and is currently offering discounted intuitive readings at BTY. Just $20 for 15 minutes! Come in and meet her at the studio!


Treatments with Susanne Hershey, PT, DPT: Integrated Neuromuscular Therapy (INT) and Craniosacral Therapy (CS)
Do you regularly experience pain or tightness in certain areas of your body?  Perhaps you have a stressful work environment that leaves you rubbing your neck and shoulders at the end of the day, persistent piriformis pain after your workout, or an old injury that has never quite resolved.  These issues are common to many people, from those who spend hours each day sitting at a desk to avid athletes or weekend warriors, and all can benefit from Integrated Neuromuscular Therapy or INT. Using gentle, therapeutic techniques including Positional Release Therapy (PRT) and Muscle Energy Technique (MET), INT acts on the myofascial and neuromuscular systems to reduce pain and tension, improving circulation, muscle function, range of motion, joint mobility and overall posture. In these (fully-clothed) sessions Susanne will use both passive and active techniques to balance the whole body, or to focus on a specific region that needs more in-depth attention. Susanne will also recommend simple self care techniques for you to perform at home to reinforce changes made during your session. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing to facilitate ease of movement.


Rates and booking information

Private yoga, Reiki, INT or Craniosacral Sessions are $75 per hour, $90 per 75 minutes or $110 for 90 minutes. Intuitive readings are currently just $20 for 15 minutes. All private sessions must be booked and paid for at least 24 hours in advance.

Session fees are non-refundable and require a 24 hour cancellation. General availability is listed online, however we recommend you contact us via phone or email as additional days and times may be available.

Please contact us for more information about renting the studio for private events (bridal showers, team-building, yoga parties, etc.), on-site corporate yoga and more!